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Cleveland Wedding: Make a Great Wedding Video

For Cleveland weddings - or weddings anywhere - here are some of the hottest tips for getting some great video footage of your wedding day!

EasyWeddings.com suggests using tabletop single-use camcorders for the reception tables in addition to or instead of disposable point-and-click cameras. Then use that footage, along with everything else, to create a Hollywood-style movie complete with trailers, a soundtrack, a plot, and outtakes at the end while the credits roll!

While ElaGala.com lists the advantages of today’s technology, The Knot.com goes into more detail, but they say much the same things. With video equipment today being digital, easily portable and wireless, you can get great angles with less intrusion and can do more with the footage as far as using editing and effects. Not to mention the sound and soundtracks!  As The Knot writer Miles Stiverson says, “gone are the days of long interviews with drunk uncles slurring their congratulations set to a background track of Kool & the Gang. The trend: a combination of documentary and cinematic styles.”  He went on to explain, “Today's videographers often use filmic techniques (think flowing compositions, dramatic music, and wide-screen shots) to make the video even more dynamic. Effects that were once prohibitively expensive are now much more accessible, and the results are wedding videos that feel more like feature films than ordinary home videos.” Plus, they’re good enough to share your wedding day with the people who were there in a format they might actually want to watch.

One couple in Scotland even filmed their wedding day in 3D!  Of course, the groom works as managing director of production and post-production for the company that had the equipment and the know-how. It involved six high-definition cameras. But he said "We watch the footage now and it's like we're right back there at our own wedding every time."
Exclusive Tips from Your Wedding Specialists
at the InterContinental Cleveland
  • Coordinate with your wedding specialists on special video techniques that have been successful at your wedding ceremony and/or reception site
  • Get your wedding party and guests in on the fun by providing small digital video recorders in a few strategic locations and let them create some footage.  Then ask one of your tech-savvy friends to create a video for you while you are off on your honeymoon.